Flow-Cal’s Professional Services team offers a broad range of onsite measurement services that can be tailored to your organization. We provide experienced measurement consultants and analysts as a cost-effective means to augment your in-house resources. Services range from day-to-day tasks associated with the analysis and reporting of your measurement data, to more complex services providing strategic guidance in the assessment of your business and technical needs.

Our Professional Services team can assist in the assessment, creation and development of individualized customer measurement teams, enabling you to build an in-house staff to manage your Flow-Cal products. We can also provide temporary staffing assistance if you experience a gap in redundancy. Our consultants serve as an immediate solution to the increased measurement resource demands often resulting from mergers, acquisitions or employee turnover.

For questions or to schedule services, please email services@flowcal.com.
  • Day-to-Day Analysis of Measurement Data
  • Missing Data Analysis
  • Data Validation
  • Exception Resolver Review
  • Editing
  • Recalculation
  • Gas Analysis Verification
  • Liquid Analysis Verification
  • Reviewing Reports
  • Measurement Advisement
  • Assess Business Environment
  • Assess Technical Environment
  • Assess Policies & Procedures