February 8, 2016

Latest FLOWCAL Enterprise Version 8.11 Publicly Released

Flow-Cal, Inc. the industry leader in measurement data management for natural gas and petroleum liquids, is pleased to announce the public release of FLOWCAL Enterprise version 8.11. This latest release includes 45 new features and over 200 enhancements encompassing both gas and liquids functionality.

Development on FLOWCAL Enterprise 8.11 initially began over two years ago in order to satisfy the requests of a select group of Flow-Cal’s liquid clients with extensive functionality requirements. Given the risk associated with the significant development and aggressive timelines, the decision was made to develop both the public release, FLOWCAL 8.10, and the limited release FLOWCAL 8.11 concurrently.

With plans to ultimately launch 8.11 publicly, the application underwent substantial quality assurance checks as well as significant testing and dry runs of the upgrade process. Now, FLOWCAL 8.11 is the new public release, incorporating the liquids-rich functionality from FLOWCAL 8.10, plus the more robust features that are unique to FLOWCAL 8.11.

“The launch of 8.11 is a milestone for Flow-Cal, in that we’re taking a new approach to our development strategy,” says Flower Pledger, Flow-Cal’s Director of Product Management. “With FLOWCAL 8.11 we are moving to a more integrated solution between our products. Our upcoming roadmap includes plans to further integrate our applications such as CALCit and the latest release of TESTit, version 3, used to schedule and record the calibration and testing of field equipment.”

The next release of FLOWCAL 8.11 is planned for the second quarter of 2016 and will include new liquids enhancements, including a number of new liquids reports, and phase two of the CALCit calculator integration.


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