February 13, 2017

Flow-Cal Implements Measurement Systems in Latin America

Flow-Cal, Inc. is expanding their international footprint by securing contracts with major oil and gas companies in Latin America.

Several companies in Latin America have already been operating with Flow-Cal’s suite of measurement applications; however, recent reforms in the Latin American energy sector have helped generate significant activity in Mexico, Central America, and South America, including implementations with IEnova, TGI, and TransCanada’s Mexico projects. Several other companies are also presently engaged in active discussions about system implementations.

Transcanada mexico

IEnova, a Sempra Energy company, is a private natural gas pipeline transmission company headquartered in Mexico. They recently selected Flow-Cal’s Enterprise gas measurement system to implement improved system balancing techniques in order to identify and reduce unaccounted for product loss.

TGI (Transportadora de Gas Internacional S.A. E.S.P) operates the most extensive network of natural gas pipelines in Colombia. TGI’s implementation includes integrating the FLOWCAL and TESTit applications to validate field data capture and ensure data integrity across the company.

TransCanada operates more than 56,000 miles of natural gas pipelines that tap into virtually all major gas supply basins in North America. As a key player in the expansion of Mexico’s gas pipeline network, TransCanada plans to operate seven major natural gas pipeline systems in Mexico by 2018 using FLOWCAL as a single source for tracking and reporting all measurement data.

To assist with these projects, Flow-Cal has been collaborating with Tory Technologies, Inc. (tory-tech.com), the exclusive Latin American representative for Flow-Cal measurement applications.

“The challenge has been educating companies in other countries on the importance of accurate measurement, and explaining how this accuracy can be achieved using Flow-Cal’s solutions,” said Michael DeMasie, Flow-Cal’s Chief Operating Officer. “We made a strategic decision to partner with Tory Technologies based on their relationships and reputation in Latin America. They’re able to communicate our vision to help us reach new markets.”

FLOWCAL Enterprise is used throughout the measurement industry to validate, balance, store, and report gas and liquid measurement data. It was developed to accommodate the most demanding system requirements and minimize the efforts of managing a complex measurement department.


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