January 3, 2017

Flow-Cal Completes Project for Enable Midstream Merging Assets from CenterPoint and OGE into FLOWCAL Measurement System

Flow-Cal, Inc. recently completed a major project for Enable Midstream that used FLOWCAL Enterprise to consolidate Enable’s legacy OGE Energy (Enogex) assets with those from CenterPoint Energy’s in-house system.


After considerable research and review, Enable made the decision to consolidate its assets (more than 14,000 gas meters) into a single measurement system and selected FLOWCAL Enterprise as their measurement system of record.

Flow-Cal consultants first evaluated Enable’s existing processes to refine current operating procedures, define future state business requirements, and identify potential gaps between the existing software system and new state requirements. This process resulted in an integrated solution that leverages FLOWCAL Enterprise as the single-source measurement data repository while allowing Enable to continue using its existing infrastructure for reporting and interfaces.

Using this approach, original measurement data from multiple sources are imported into FLOWCAL via the Transaction Queue module—a seamless database-to-database import process. FLOWCAL then performs analyses, edits, and balances and applies GPA Standard 2172 water vapor corrections where applicable. Using custom interfaces, multiple downstream systems receive finalized data for midstream settlements and scheduling and transportation.

With all measurement data consolidated into a single database, Enable can now apply advanced FLOWCAL balancing techniques across all measurement assets to produce consistent and comprehensive system balance reports.

“Maintaining multiple systems, remaining current with standards updates, and ensuring outside audit integrity can be both costly and time consuming,” said Jamie Cummings, Sr. Director, Measurement Data Processes with Enable Midstream Partners. “With FLOWCAL as our system of record, we have confidence in our data, knowing that our calculations will always reflect the current industry standards. Since we’ve been live, we’re able to focus on our improved processes and balances rather than the maintenance and management of two systems.”

Flow-Cal also assisted Enable with transitioning their FLOWCAL system from their legacy environment to a new cloud-based, hosted environment, providing increased data security and seamless data access from multiple locations.

“We’re appreciative of the opportunity to have worked with Enable on this project,” said Michael DeMasie, Flow-Cal’s C.O.O. “Merging measurement operations, software applications, and databases can be challenging, but our team has the experience needed to handle these types of situations.”

FLOWCAL Enterprise is used throughout the measurement industry to validate, balance, store, and report gas and liquid measurement data. FLOWCAL Enterprise was developed to accommodate the most demanding system requirements, minimizing the efforts of managing a complex measurement department.


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