TESTit provides an advanced progression of automation tools which manage gas and liquid meter inspection and calibration results, testing and sample schedules, and conduct field calculations for flow rate and equipment sizing. Whether using the stand-alone application or the version fully integrated with FLOWCAL, TESTit provides an automated means of integrating the needs of office and field personnel.


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Powerful & Unique Features

When test data is entered into TESTit, flow-error due to calibration is automatically calculated, an electronic test report is created, and files are saved in an Oracle or SQL Server database for reporting, scheduling, archiving, and exporting.

The Admin tools offer companies secure testing and reporting options for establishing standard gas and liquid measurement policies and procedures for field personnel. The Scheduler feature provides management and field personnel a wide range of reporting options for determining testing and sampling schedules, including productivity reports and delinquency information. Multiple schedules can be maintained per meter. TESTit’s Spot Volume and Plate Size calculator provides technicians a convenient tool to accurately calculate a flow rate, coefficient, or a recommended orifice plate size. Tasks available include:

  • Chromatograph Tests
  • Calibration Device Certification
  • Tube Inspection
  • Equipment Inventory

Both databases contain detailed information about each meter inspection and calibration, testing and sample schedules, and equipment sizing. This functionality minimizes data entry requirements and associated mistakes, providing uniformity among users. TESTit allows immediate access to all historical and trending data, including the ability to print reports.

When users log in and select the calendar view, they can easily access current and past due scheduled tasks, with optional views of daily, weekly, and monthly calendars.

Whether using the stand-alone or network server version, TESTit is protected by a robust security system. The system limits user access to only those privileges and options granted by the system administrator.

Producing standard reports has never been easier. Since data is stored in an ODBC database, ad hoc query and custom reports are available upon request. Users can easily add test and device attachments, such as pictures, spreadsheets, and pipeline diagrams.

TESTit supports multiple meter types including Orifice, Turbine, Displacement/Rotary, Ultrasonic, VCone, and Coriolis.

TESTit’s stand-alone version operates on a laptop or desktop PC to perform operations in the field. Field data is then sent to the office and stored in TESTit’s Server application, which automatically updates FLOWCAL Enterprise or Client/Server with current test report information using the Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) system. This allows separate TESTit and FLOWCAL databases to seamlessly transmit data between each other. FLOWCAL automatically identifies inconsistencies in the calculation and equipment variables, as well as excessive calibration discrepancies, to facilitate volume recalculation requirements.

The import/export capabilities share data among users and provide synchronization with our centralized server version, which also integrates with the FLOWCAL application. The annual subscription program provides unlimited, 24/7 technical support and free upgrades, ensuring continued compliance with evolving standards.