PYCit is a comprehensive and integrated software package based on the American Petroleum Institute's (API’s) Chapter 14 - Natural Gas Fluids Measurement, Section 6 - Continuous Density Measurement. This application calculates and manages a company's density meter proving information and employs the latest API algorithms for the calculation of the density meter factor.


PYCit is available to purchase online (credit card transactions only). For questions, or to purchase by phone, please call 281-282-0865.

PYCit Features

This program utilizes a Microsoft SQL Server database, which contains a large assortment of information pertaining to density meters and associated provings. An unlimited number of pycnometers and related calibration data can be added to the database for quick and easy retrieval. Upon entry of the flowing conditions, PYCit calculates the density meter factor (DMF) and performs a historical comparison to the meter’s prior DMFs.

Users can then review the current and historical factors in a tabular and graphical format to easily identify patterns or trends. All current and prior proving reports are available for printing or emailing upon demand. These features include the option to easily export the data to any popular spreadsheet application or corporate database.