PROVEit is a comprehensive and integrated software package that is used to prove, track and manage meter performance data based on the American Petroleum Institute's (API’s) Chapter 12.2. Its features include a stand-alone or networked database which utilize the latest API and Gas Processors Association (GPA) algorithms to calculate volume correction factors for liquid measurement. PROVEit provides a step-by-step approach to ensure compliance with industry standards.


PROVEit is available to purchase online (credit card transactions only). For questions, or to purchase by phone, please call 281-282-0865.


Utilizing API Standards

PROVEit is designed as a comprehensive, integrated software package conforming to American Petroleum Institute (API) guidelines as contained in Chapter 12, Section 2, Part 3 (“Proving Reports”) of the current Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards. Using the latest API tables and report formats, PROVEit provides a step-by-step approach to ensure compliance with industry standards.

The configurable proving tolerances ensure meter repeatability requirements by terminating a proving when the requirements are met. The historical factor tolerances automatically monitor meter performance by comparing the current meter factor to previous and/or average historical factors including a product dependency option.

Producing standard reports has never been easier. Reports can be printed, emailed, or saved in a variety of formats such as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Microsoft Excel (XLS). Since data is stored in an ODBC database, ad hoc queries and custom reports can be created by Flow-Cal or your own IT staff.

PROVEit utilizes both Oracle and SQL Server databases containing detailed information pertaining to a meter, its associated fluid(s), equipment, and individual provings. This process minimizes the data entry requirements and associated mistakes, thus providing uniformity among provings. PROVEit provides immediate access to all historical and trending data including the ability to print current and previous reports.

Whether using the stand-alone or network version, PROVEit is protected by a robust security system. The system limits user access to only those privileges and options granted by the system administrator.

The annual subscription program provides unlimited, 24/7 technical support and free upgrades, ensuring continued compliance with evolving standards.

PROVEit Integration

PROVEit Interface Unit (PIU) Flow-Cal’s PROVEit Interface Unit (PIU) enhances the proving process by automating the control of the prover while also facilitating the data transfer between PROVEit and the prover. The PIU communicates with PROVEit through an optional software interface called the PIU Communication Driver, providing a link between the software and hardware. When combining PROVEit with the PIU, all proving activities will be automated and controlled, capturing the necessary data to perform the API Chapter 12.2.3 calculations, store the required audit data, and produce the needed reports.