FLOWCAL Client/Server gas and liquid measurement software is designed for growing companies with multiple users, or for companies who want to focus on a single database. This version allows for the centralization of the Oracle tables and uses record locking to maintain data integrity.


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This versatile gas and liquid measurement software package includes labor saving features that enhance productivity of the measurement analyst. The advanced features of the more robust FLOWCAL Enterprise version can be added as separate modules to enhance the Client/Server capabilities. This flexibility allows companies to scale the system to meet their measurement needs and to expand the application as their needs grow.

Automatically Import Data

Users can schedule FLOWCAL Client/Server to automatically import data for a specific station or an entire system. Upon import, the station/system data is filtered by FLOWCAL’s extensive validation set, flagging any suspect or missing data.

FLOWCAL Client/Server allows users to schedule data exports for periodic posting of desired data. This feature accommodates frequent updates to downstream programs for tasks such as web postings or system balance functions.

FLOWCAL Client/Server has a color-coded graphical user interface to help users identify suspect data or flow anomalies before inspecting the data set. Upon import, this application sorts all events, alarms, and validation flags and presents this data in a user-friendly manner for sorting, printing, and managing. By viewing these import messages, users can quickly identify which hours/days of meter data need to be inspected, and the severity of the warnings regarding flow anomalies.

FLOWCAL Client/Server permits data to be imported from virtually all meter and flow computer manufacturers, either as a group or on a station-by-station basis. Due to product and industry demand, updated and new import drivers are constantly being developed by the SCADA system, meter vendors, and meter manufacturers for use in FLOWCAL.

Flow-Cal, Inc. offers an annual subscription program that provides:

  • 24-hour, 7-day support hot-line
  • Unlimited calls to technical staff
  • Remote system access for maintenance and troubleshooting
  • FTP site access for program updates
  • Technical bulletins and Flow-Cal Users Group networking
  • System upgrades

FLOWCAL Client/Server users may upgrade to the comprehensive FLOWCAL Enterprise System at any time, with no loss of data, when they have an active annual maintenance subscription.