FcDataBoss is a stand-alone data management utility designed to complement our FLOWCAL suite of products. Intended for power users and system administrators, this tool manages the import, export, and purging of FLOWCAL Enterprise or Client/Server data directly from the Oracle database. Features can be used independently or combined for a comprehensive data management utility.


This product is not available to purchase online. For more information, please Contact Us or call 281-282-0865.

Historical Purge

The FcDataBoss historical purge module allows users and application administrators to purge data from the Oracle database. Data can be purged regardless of whether it has been finalized, archived, or closed, or whether prior period adjustments have been applied. Purging data to shrink the database enhances performance and maintainability. It also provides the option to easily remove data once the legal retention period has passed.

The Data Transfer module supports the export or import of FLOWCAL data such as meters, sources, and locations for gas and liquids. This module uses an encrypted and secured binary file to facilitate data exchange between users. Data can be exchanged internally within your organization or between companies who both use FLOWCAL and share the same major releases.

When working with Flow-Cal Support to export data, this function is available as part of our annual subscription program.