Flow-Cal, Inc., a Houston-based software developer, is the industry-leader in measurement data management for natural gas and petroleum liquids. Flow-Cal’s software is used throughout the industry to validate, recalculate, store and report measurement data from field devices, and link that information to users and stakeholders throughout an organization. Flow-Cal’s full line of measurement software applications range from simple, inexpensive data management and reporting programs (designed for smaller companies) to enterprise-wide applications that are utilized by Fortune 500 companies.


December 23, 2015

Flow-Cal President Gives Keynote Speech at UHCL Graduation Ceremony

November 5, 2015

Flow-Cal Invited to Present at Kuwait Measurement Technology Conference

October 7, 2015

Flow-Cal Honored on the 2015 Cougar 100 List

September 10, 2015

Flow-Cal SME Attends Saudi Aramco Gala

July 13, 2015

SemGas Implements Flow-Cal Suite of Measurement Applications

June 29, 2015

Announcing the Annual Flow-Cal Users Group Conference

March 9, 2015

Flow-Cal Invited to Speak at Canadian School of Hydrocarbon Measurement

December 18, 2014

Lyondell Selects FLOWCAL Liquids for their Equistar Pipeline

November 24, 2014

PetroChina Invites Flow-Cal to Present at International Seminar