Flow-Cal, Inc. is a privately owned gas and liquid measurement software development company whose products are driven by the needs of the hydrocarbon measurement industry. The company’s success is attributed to their dedication to hiring and developing an engineering and support staff with a strong background in hydrocarbon measurement.


Flow-Cal’s clients represent every sector of the energy value chain including production, midstream, transmission and distribution companies. Flow-Cal’s suite of products provides operational efficiencies by gathering, validating, storing and distributing a company’s volume and energy data - which represents the cash register for the oil and gas industry’s revenues.

Flow-Cal’s products, anchored by the industry-leading FLOWCAL Enterprise, have become the industry’s choice. This was reaffirmed when the American Petroleum Institute (API) selected Flow-Cal to develop, support and distribute the measurement equations that the API has long supplied to domestic and international energy companies.

Flow-Cal’s products begin at the field level where the PROVEit, PYCit, CALCit, and TESTit applications schedule and record the calibration and testing of field equipment. The flexibility and power of the applications have allowed them to be unilaterally used by both the liquid and gas divisions within an organization. In addition, Flow-Cal’s PROVEit application has gained industry-wide acceptance for calibration and verification of liquid meters. The suite of field products augments the functionality of
Flow-Cal’s flagship product, FLOWCAL Enterprise. Enterprise is used throughout the industry to validate, recalculate, store, and report gas and liquid measurement data.

FLOWCAL’s comprehensive audit trail records the original data and any subsequent modification, including who made it, when, and why. With the enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in 2002, corporations are required to meet stringent rules regarding financial practices and corporate governance. This scrutiny is generally extended to a corporation’s measurement practices, thereby, increasing the awareness and utilization of our products. Flow-Cal’s products are expected to continue their growth and popularity as energy companies become increasingly aware of the value associated with measurement accountability.