The Customer Support department provides convenient access to Flow-Cal’s staff and resources. This division enables improved oversight of the technical support initiatives, ensuring all customers receive prompt attention and resolution to their questions, concerns, or issues. We offer comprehensive, premium support services for all our measurement software products, including software upgrades, that fully comply with today’s rigorous industry standards.


Each and every one of our support representatives is eager and ready to help with any questions or issues that may arise. All Flow-Cal customer support reps are technically trained and dedicated to understanding your objectives. If they can’t provide an answer, they will quickly find the right person within Flow-Cal to help you. The customer support department has an escalation procedure to ensure that even your most technical questions are handled quickly and with expert precision.

To contact our support staff and for site key assistance, email
or phone 281-956-4500.



Hi, I’m Chris Klein, Flow-Cal’s Customer Support Manager. Prior to joining Flow-Cal, I spent 10 years in Space Shuttle Flight Software focusing on software development, testing and requirements. I came to Flow-Cal in 2011 as the Quality Assurance Manager where I implemented a number of agile software development processes, improving the testing framework. These changes allowed us to identify defects early on in the process which ultimately increased customer satisfaction. I’m bringing to the support department what I’ve learned in quality assurance to ensure customer satisfaction at another level. I invite you to meet the rest of the support team. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us anytime.


Since joining Flow-Cal in 2006 as a software developer, Jeff has been integral in the design and development of Flow-Cal’s product line. His experience provides him with key insight into the application as well as challenges clients may encounter. As a Sr. Support Representative, Jeff supports customers with technical issues and training and provides training and mentorship to other support representatives. He is known as a resident “expert” for all things Flow-Cal. Aside from work, Jeff stays busy focusing on health and fitness with a 5 a.m. workout regimen and CrossFit training.


Ryan has been focused on customer service since graduating high school. While attending Ohio State University, he worked as an on-site consultant for the student computer center. As a Sr. Support Representative, Ryan’s goal is top-notch customer service: every customer is treated fairly, all issues are addressed swiftly and exceptionally. To him, customer support is helping customers feel satisfied with their experience. In his spare time, Ryan is a jeweler and a painter.


Before joining Flow-Cal, Damian earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University and gained valuable IT and database experience working for a multinational information technology company. As a Database Administrator, Damian works to find the root cause of issues while providing proper solutions and sharing valuable technical knowledge. He enjoys the satisfaction of problem solving while helping others. Damian is a DJ, producer and musician in his free time, who can also be described as a fitness fanatic, sports enthusiast and tech nerd.


Prior to joining the support team at Flow-Cal, Alex earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Baylor University and began gaining experience in the industry as a Geotechnical Analyst for a geoengineering technology company. Alex enjoys the challenge of facing new problems each day, and believes that customer support means assisting customers by finding effective solutions to real-time issues. In his free time, Alex enjoys outdoor activities, robotics, and spending time with his family.


Before working in Customer Support, Casey had been with Flow-Cal for 8 years as a software tester and a software developer, where she used her Computer Science degree. For her, customer support is being able to help the customer in an efficient, friendly manner. What she likes most about support is the chance to help customers resolve their issues. She enjoys listening to the Houston Symphony, going to Las Vegas, and participating in 5K walks/runs.


Recently receiving his Master’s degree at University of Houston – Clear Lake for Business Administration, Dallas believes interacting with customers, problem solving and creating a quality experience for the customers are the highlights of support. For him, customer support means working with customers while using his knowledge, skills and training to diligently meet the needs of FLOWCAL users. In his free time, Dallas enjoys playing sports and supporting his favorite teams, cooking, and attending concerts.


John earned his Information Technology degree from University of Houston – Clear Lake. John revels in the satisfaction of solving customer issues and strives to resolve problems in a timely manner. He makes sure each customer receives the solution needed and is completely satisfied with the support received. John likes to study and read books on astronomy and enjoys going on cruises.


After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from University of Houston – Clear Lake, Kallae first joined the Flow-Cal team as a Business Analyst. Now fully transitioned to Customer Support, Kallae’s goal is to gain a better foundation for how the Flow-Cal suite of products are used in daily operations and how we can improve our applications for the future. Her favorite part of the department is the teamwork that is always present to keep everything “flowing” for our customers. Outside of work, Kallae spends her time quilting, running half marathons and working with the youth at her local church.


Stew earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston- Clear Lake. Prior to Flow-Cal, Stew served 21 years in the U.S. Navy as an electronics technician. Stew’s favorite aspect of support is working with people to solve problems, and knowing that he’s helped a customer to understand an issue rather than simply providing a solution. His goal is to be a great asset to the Support team and become the person who can be relied on for any type of assistance with Flow-Cal’s products. In his free time, Stew likes customizing vehicles and building websites.