Flow-Cal Announces Release of PYCit Software

HOUSTON, TX – July 24, 2012  Flow-Cal, Inc. announces the release of the new and improved PYCit® software application. PYCit joins the newly released versions of CALCit®, PROVEit® and the especially popular TESTit® application. PYCit completes Flow-Cal’s comprehensive line of field measurement applications that are used for maintaining, calibrating, testing and proving gas and liquid measurement devices.

David Bushell, Flow-Cal’s Vice President of Software Development, explains, “The significant enhancements and upgrades to this suite of products have made the new line more competitive and compliant with today’s computing systems and industry requirements.  Working as either stand-alone or integrated, these products provide the right tools to simplify and streamline field measurement operations, while producing reliable and accurate results.”

The most recently released package, PYCit 2.0 is designed to calculate and manage a company’s density meter proving information, while acting as a DMF repository.  The final tier of beta testing has been successfully completed and Flow-Cal is proudly announcing its official release.

PROVEit 8.2 calculates and manages meter performance data utilizing the latest American Petroleum Institute (API) and Gas Processors Association (GPA) algorithms for calculating volume correction factors.  The redesigned application offers enhanced performance and a more efficient approach to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Flow-Cal’s CALCit 3.1 is designed to assist field and office personnel with gas and liquid flow measurement calculations, employing the latest gas and liquid standards.  This tool is used throughout the industry to validate flow measurement calculations used in other systems with the ability to store and print the results of multiple calculations based on different input values.

TESTit 2.12, Flow-Cal’s leading field application, provides measurement departments with the latest, automated means of integrating the needs of both office and field personnel.  When integrated with Flow-Cal’s flagship product, FLOWCAL Enterprise, the combined applications provide a means to validate field data capture as well as automate prior period adjustments (based upon field calibrations).

About Flow-Cal, Inc.

Flow-Cal, Inc., a Houston-based software developer, is the industry-leader in measurement data management for natural gas and petroleum liquids.  Flow-Cal’s software is used throughout the industry to validate, recalculate, store and report measurement data from field devices, and link that information to users and stakeholders throughout an organization. Flow-Cal’s full line of measurement software applications range from simple, inexpensive data management and reporting programs (designed for smaller companies) to enterprise-wide applications that are utilized by Fortune 500 companies.

SOURCE: Flow-Cal, Inc.
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