May 3, 2018

New Locations & Balancing Training from FLOWCAL University

Flow-Cal, Inc. is offering a new course in the FLOWCAL University training program. This latest course provides comprehensive training on locations and balancing, a module in the FLOWCAL Enterprise application that enables determination of system gains and losses for all segments, balances, and inventories.

FLOWCAL Enterprise is used throughout the measurement industry to validate, balance, store, and report gas and liquid measurement data. Balancing and resolving unaccounted-for (UAF) issues is an important aspect of the measurement process, but it can be a challenging effort for many organizations, especially when managing multiple products, customers, and systems.

The Locations and Balancing course covers several balancing challenges using real-world scenarios. Participants will learn about effective methods for determining accurate gain/loss amounts, energy and plant/system recovery efficiency, inventory and movement quantities, and other related topics.

“We are excited to expand our training program and offer this new course to our users,” said Shanna Richmond, FLOWCAL University Manager. “Several other FLOWCAL University courses discuss locations and balancing, but the community has expressed interest in more training to focus on this topic. We are confident that this course provides the right mix of FLOWCAL training and practical application.”

The FLOWCAL University team began developing this two-day, instructor-led course in 2016, working side-by-side with in-house subject matter experts. The hands-on curriculum includes interactive labs, videos, presentations, and a 250-page manual with reference materials.

To register for the Locations and Balancing course, or any FLOWCAL University training course, visit


May 3, 2018

New Locations & Balancing Training from FLOWCAL University

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